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Representative Example:

  • Loan amount £400 for 90 days.
  • Payable in 3 monthly instalments of £187.31
  • Total amount repayable £561.92
  • Interest charged is £161.92,
  • interest rate 161.9% pa (variable).
  • Representative 305.9% APR.

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Representative Example:

  • Loan amount £400 for 90 days.
  • Payable in 3 monthly instalments of £187.31
  • Total amount repayable £561.92
  • Interest charged is £161.92,
  • interest rate 161.9% pa (variable).
  • Representative 305.9% APR.
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1. Apply for a payday loan now by clicking the “apply” button above. What are payday loans? They are small loans offered without security, which are typically paid back from your wage, salary or pension or other type of income, hence the term “payday”. If you are employed and are in need of emergency funds to resolve unforeseen bills, apply for a loan today.

If you are on benefits or receiving beneficiary payments, please submit your application today.

Payday Loans for Benefits

What are payday loans? They are a type of loan given to people who need funds quickly. If you are employed or on benefits, you can likely qualify for a payday loan. They are also called personal loans, short term loans, instalment loans and payday loans UK.

Payday Loans Type
Payday Loans UK No Credit Check
Payday Loans Online Loans for Unemployed
Instant Payday Loans Fast Loans
Payday Loans Online Online Loans
UK Payday Loans Loans UK
Bad Credit Payday Loans Loans for Bad Credit
3 Month Payday Loans 12 Month Payday Loans
Cheap Payday Loans Cheap Loans
Easy Payday Loans Easy Loans UK
Payday Loans No Brokers No Brokers
Payday Loans Direct Lenders Direct Lenders UK
Poor Credit Payday Loans Payday Loans for Poor Credit

What are payday loans? They are a small loan of short duration, and typically unsecured. This means that there is no collateral placed against what was borrowed. The amounts are small and can usually be repaid easily on the next pay cheque.

It is not guaranteed that lenders will loan money to you. However, this type of loan has a higher acceptance rate because they charge higher interest. We are not direct lenders, but are in fact an Introducer Appointed Representative of Quint Group Limited, who are a credit broker, not a lender. Click the “apply” button to get started borrowing your next payday loan.

Payday Loans for People Who Are On Benefits

The ideal scenario is to have money for emergency situations. However, sometimes emergencies happen and people are required to borrow money on short notice. People get new loans from payday lenders which can usually offer enough to ease a tight financial crunch. People avail these loans for 1 month and sometimes longer. You can apply online for this offer. This is enough to cover emergency financial situations such as bill payments or car repairs.

Beneficiary Loans Loans for Beneficiaries
Beneficiary Loans UK Loans for Benefits
Beneficiary Payday Loans Loans for People on Benefits
Benefits Loans Payday Loans for Beneficiaries
Disability Beneficiary Loan Payday Loans for Benefits
Disability Payday Loan Payday Loans for People on Benefits

Beneficiary Payday Loans

There are UK online loans sites which offer processing in as quick as 24 hours. The application process requires only a few minutes of the borrower’s time. The application forms are short and straightforward. Since there are no documents required, the application can be processed after only a short period of time. It is then transferred directly to his account, and withdrawn on the maturity date.

Unemployed Direct Lenders

There are still traditional brick and mortar lending shops where a borrower can go to and fill up the forms in person. He receives a check or cash for the amount and he issues a check dated on when it is due. The advantage of the first process is the anonymity and convenience. If you need the money fast and don’t want to be bothered with going out or driving to the nearest direct payday lender office**, the first one is the best option for you. Payday Loans Now is not a direct lender, but instead a registered trading name of Soiza Internet Marketers Ltd, which is an Introducer Appointed Representative of Quint Group Limited, who are a credit broker, not a lender.

Who Benefits from this kind of borrowing?

These are ordinary people who try to earn a living as best they could. Sometimes, though, things just happen and you find yourself low on cash. Getting payday loans is a quick and easy solution to small financial problems with payday loans for bad credit, however, long term the expenses are quite steep making this an option one would only normally take in an emergency. A quick loan that is repaid on your next work pay cheque is an option thousands of individuals take each month as they deal with emergency expenses.

The point behind securing paydays loans is to meet small emergencies and be able to repay the money back in as short as two weeks. It is not meant to be a regular solution to being short of cash, because the interest rate is also significant. Also, if you don’t pay on the maturity date, you will incur additional interest and more penalties. The rule of thumb is to borrow small and return the money promptly.

How can I find the best online lending?

Like any other lending product, you should consider whether it is affordable. Examine the features and compare them to alternatives available; if you only seek a deal that meets your needs, should you get it. When obtaining one, you are essentially renting money. Pay it back with your next pay cheque from your employment.

How should urgent loans be used?

You should be use them as a quick remedy for urgent expenses or bills, but not as a long term financial solution. They are short term finance you obtain from an authorized direct lender.As soon as possible, repay it.

Do we have “instant loans” available?

Instant refers to how quickly a decision is made to pay you. When you click apply and fill out your information, you receive a quick decision. We endeavor to provide money quickly, as those who need payday loans typically have urgent financial needs.

How do I get a payday loan in the UK with bad credit?

You may be able to get a loan online, even if you have bad credit. New loan lenders do not strictly rely on your credit score, though it is one factor. When applying for this type of loan, it is assumed that your credit is not perfect. Other factors are considered, such as your employment and ability to repay.

Can I get a short term loan without a credit check?

No. Under FCA regulations, authorised lenders must perform a credit check. However, you are able to apply even if your prior lending history is not good, because many factors are considered, such as your employment.

If you are still not certain, read online for reviews of the particular lender you are concerned with. You will quickly discover whether they are trustworthy or if there would be problems in dealing with their services.

What is a payday loan?

A payday loan is an unsecured lending of a small sum that is typically lent at a higher rate of APR interest, when both principal and interest is paid back at one future date. This industry underwent rapid growth in recent years with a market well above £2 billion. Thousands of people resort to this type of lending to meet their monthly budget in times of crisis.

How long does it takes to complete an application for an online loan?

Application only takes you a couple minutes. Apply for a loan only after you have researched the company you are dealing with and are confident you are dealign with a credible company. While it can be completed quickly, you should take the time to provide all necessary information. For most, the process is very quick and results in a transfer to your bank account within minutes of application.

What type of person applies for these types of loans?

Thousands of individuals have found loans through Payday Loans Now, whom we are grateful have used our services. These are middle-class people who have steady jobs and yet occasionally come across difficult financial barriers in cases where they know they will receive funds at a future point, but unfortunately their next payment doesn’t come quick enough to meet their immediate needs.

An Industry is Formed – The First Direct Payday Lenders

William Allan Jones is credited for giving birth to the payday lending business model. In 1993, he opened a company in Cleveland Tennessee which offered people cash today for a post-dated cheque. He added an amount of interest and a service fee to the amount that was required upon repayment. This is a business model that had not been practised in over fifty years.

This essentially happened by allowing higher “usury” than had been previously allowed. Some accused Jones of bribing state legislators into allowing his business to thrive. They say that because of his lobbying efforts, laws were overturned allowing higher interest rates. This gave birth to the quick lending industry.

Six years after Mr. Jones reimplemented deferred payments, lenders in the US issued over 8 billion dollars worth of loans. Fast forward five more years, the industry was lending over $50 billion, a massive increase. Soon thereafter, the practise spread to other countries, including Australia and the UK. It has grown phenomenally ever since.

Loan for People on Benefits

What is a loan for people on benefits? Payday loans are traditionally thought of to function as allowing someone to borrow money who will repay it with their employment check, hence the term “payday”. Many people don’t realize you can also get these if you have an income derived from benefits.

A short term benefit loan may be available if you receive benefits, such as disability, government benefits, structured payments from a court settlement, payments from a will or trust, and many other types of unconventional income.

Loans for Benefits

Short term loans for people on benefits can help a person obtain emergency funding when they are unemployed. If you are receiving other types of income, this can help you get a payday loan for unemployed. Apply today to see if you qualify.

Payday Loans in the UK – Things you need to know

The UK started by having retail shops offer lending services. They argued their higher interest was justified because there is a higher risk involved, and more service included in issuing small loans. The market really exploded when the concept was taken online. Now, the industry is heavily regulated — where there is a cap on the interest able to be charged, as well as required processing such as credit checks, bank verification checks, fraud prevention and other safeguards and regulatory requirements. There are anti-money laundering and responsible lending checks that are required.

How many people use payday loans?

The ACCA conducted a study in 2012 that analysed over twelve million short term loans that were issued in the UK. The amount lent was over £3.7bn worth of credit extended to UK borrowers and over £900m was paid in fees and interest. The growth of this industry has been tremendous. You certainly are not the only one in need of urgent funds — millions of people share the same boat as you.

What is the difference between direct lenders and brokers?

Direct lenders are companies who process your application while giving you money, without you utilising an intermediary. A broker, on the other hand, is an intermediary. Payday Loans Now is a registered trading name of Soiza Internet Marketers Ltd, which is an Introducer Appointed Representative of Quint Group Limited, who are a credit broker, not a lender.

Complaints about lenders tripled in 2016 to the Financial Ombudsman, who released that data in their latest statistics. During this time, we have found our complaints to actually go down. We look to continue breaking the trend as more people realize there is a moral and responsible lender available to them in our company.

How to compare loan offers online?

The fact is there are many companies all promoting different rates or features within their loans, so how can you compare these to get the right one for your complex situation? Many smaller decisions are wound within this task, with choices between interest rates, extra charges, penalties if you are unable to repay promptly, and other diverse issues. While you are free to compare lenders using a website that reviews each one, we encourage you to check them out for yourself. Keep an eye out for the APR interest they charge.

Final thoughts on keeping yourself safe while shopping for a loan

If you are ever contacted by someone from Payday Loans Now claiming to be offering a loan, it is a scam. We do not outreach like this. We conduct ourselves entirely online, through this website. We will never cold-call you, soliciting for you lend. Thank you for visiting, and we hope to help you in the near future!